W Lublinie ruszyła 4. edycja Festiwalu Kultury Żydowskiej

The 4th edition of the Jewish Culture Festival has begun. Klezmer music will echo around Lublin for the next week. There will be concerts from respected artists from around Poland and abroad, meetings with those who witnessed history, as well as walks.

The grand opening of the Lubliner Festival took place at 2 pm in the State Museum at Majdanek, where the camp’s victims were commemorated and flowers were laid. An hour later, an extraordinary outdoor exhibition was opened on Litewski Square, „Jerusalem as a City of Culture,” organised in collaboration with the Embassy of Israel. The exhibition focuses on the perspective of photographers who captured intimate moments, small scenes, and crowded gatherings during their visits to Jerusalem.

At 7 pm at the Lublin Cultural Centre (12 Peowiaków Street), a unique spectacle devoted to the outstanding artist Tamara Łempicka, whose works recently found a permanent home in the National Museum in Lublin, will be presented. The performance „T. de. Ł. Unsaturated” will feature Katarzyna Żak and Ewa Makomaska.

At 8:30 pm, in the Courtyard of the Cultural Centre, a concert by Marcin Pendowski’s band is planned with guest vocals from Lala Czaplicka. Especially for the Lublin festival, the artist has prepared arrangements of compositions by Szpilman and Rosner among others.